Conditions We Treat...

We treat a variety of muscle and nerve conditions as well as painful joints and Headaches. Our approach is comprehensive and includes in most cases a detailed treatment plan with a wide range of modalities to get lasting, complete improvement, in most cases.

Here is a partial list of the conditions or symptoms we treat:

Pinched nerves Dizziness / Vertigo
Disc Injuries Sprains and strains
Muscle spasms Neck and low back pain
Overuse injuries Arthritis
Headaches Post-surgical back pain
Joint pain  

Medical Diagnoses

Spine Conditions Sports Injuries
Torticollis Shoulder [rotator cuff] tendinitis
Cervical radiculopathy Tennis and golfer's elbow (lateral and medial epicondylosis) epicondylosis)
Neck pain
Disc herniations - low back and neck Scar tissue
Mechanical spine pain Patellofemoral pain
Rib joint pain and dysfunction Achilles tendinitis
Thoracic outlet syndrome Plantar fasciitis
Cervical headache  
Spinal stenosis  
Facet syndrome  
Discogenic low back pain  
Stable scoliosis  
Sacroiliac and facet dysfunction  


Work Related Injuries Motor Vehicle Accidents
Back and neck injuries Whiplash
General strains and sprains Strains and sprains
Repetitive strain injuries Mandibular whiplash
Carpal tunnel syndromes Post-concussion syndrome
  Thoracic outlet syndrome


Other Regularly Treated Conditions:  
Myofascial pain syndromes  
Dizziness / Vertigo—Cervicogenic, BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)  
Temporal-mandibular joint disorders  
Headaches—tension, migraine, cervicogenic  

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